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Network Partner Promotional Material

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Learning Management System

One of the main features of the BIStrainer Learning and compliance software is the robust Learning Management System (LMS), which has been designed with a safety program in mind. The LMS supports you in distributing and recording training materials, has an exam engine, course and orientation builder, an eCommerce store with over 1,000 courses, and much more.

Training Record Management System

The BIStrainer learning and compliance software includes a robust Training Record Management System (TRMS). Using the TRMS, you can upload all of your employee’s training records, including a copy of each of their certificates, regardless of the training provider. Once records are uploaded, automatic expiry alerts can be sent to employees, supervisors, and managers to help ensure your employees’ training is always up to date.

Training Matrix

Using the built in Training Matrix, you can upload your organization’s unique company roles and training topics, set training requirements and the courses that satisfy them, and start automatically assigning training to thousands of employees.

Classroom Calendar

Manage all of your in-person classroom training with this easy-to-use Classroom Calendar software. Take control of your classroom-based training by managing it all online with the powerful calendar tool that can manage hundreds of instructors, classrooms, and courses across multiple cities.

Digital Forms

The custom online safety form software is an advanced form builder that incorporates innovative drag-and-drop technology, allowing companies to build and administer thousands of forms online. Each form can include checkboxes, dropdown lists, Likert scales, date and time stamps, pictures or video, as well as open text fields, electronic signatures, and much more.

Equipment Management

Tracking essential equipment records and documents can be surprisingly easy. The BIStrainer online equipment management feature simplifies the management process by centralizing all current and historical data into one easy-to-access location for management and operators alike. Your team can track almost any facet of their assets and equipment, from upcoming maintenance reminders, to hours of operation, mileage, qualified personnel, and more.

Toolbox Talks

Toolbox Talks from BIS Safety Software are comprehensive solutions designed to help organizations conduct effective safety meetings with their employees. With Toolbox Talks, organizations can access pre-built safety talks, customize them, and track attendance and completion. The software also includes a feature for generating safety meeting reports, which can be used to monitor safety compliance and identify areas for improvement.

Digital Folders

BIStrainer offers the ability to upload multiple documents and files into a secure cloud-based storage location for your team. The digital folders offer extensive options for providing employees easy access to company documents, HR training documents and sign-offs, as well as automated expiry alerts and reassignments. The digital folders can be accessed from anywhere your team can access the internet.

Linked Assets

A new feature has been added to the equipment & asset management system which allows you to link assets to employees, locations, and other assets!


SafeTapp is the ultimate EHS app by BIS Safety Software. Store training certificates securely, sync with BIStrainer, and verify records on the go using QR codes. Access all your safety tools, company policies, and procedures from your phone. Stay updated with real-time record updates and ensure accuracy. Your personal safety training wallet app for hassle-free management of essential safety information.

Online Orientations

BIS Safety Software offers versatile features for employee onboarding and orientation. From easy sign-up for employees and contractors to seamless integration with payroll and HR systems, the software ensures efficiency. With secure online storage, virtual proctoring for participant ID verification, unlimited customer support, and advanced reporting tools, companies can deliver adaptive learning experiences accessible on mobile devices and computers, enhancing the effectiveness of employee onboarding and orientations.

Reporting & Analytics

BIS Safety Software offers robust features to provide comprehensive insights into your company’s safety and operational data. With visual dashboards and Excel compatible reports, you can easily view critical information about incidents, hazards, equipment, training, and more. Access reporting analytics, safety alerts, and high-risk notifications in real-time, empowering you to create safer work environments. Make informed decisions with data from site inspections, audits, digital forms, and equipment maintenance reports, ensuring proactive risk management.

Driver Management System

BIS Safety Software’s Driver Management Software simplifies administration through direct integration with the learning management platform. This software allows for seamless communication with the Training Record Management System and online learning center. Track all driver information, upload required documents, and receive automatic email notifications for expiring licenses. Real-time tracking of driver training and certifications is available, with access to a comprehensive library of leading driver training courses. Streamline driver management and ensure compliance with this all-inclusive software solution.

API & SSO Integrations

BIS Safety Software offers powerful software features to save your company time and money. With our application programming interface (API) and single sign-on (SSO) technology, you can seamlessly connect your systems with ours. The API enables smooth communication between systems, allowing for automatic transfer of course completion data, including scores, attempts, average times, and certificates. Single sign-on integration works with various systems such as your company intranet, payroll system, customer relationship management system, social networking tools, and project management software. Enhance efficiency and streamline processes by integrating your systems with BIS Safety Software.

Course Owners

BIS Safety Software offers course development and distribution services. We can help you bring your existing courses online and make them available on your website and our partner sites. Join our Course Owner program to reach thousands of potential customers through our network. You retain all intellectual property rights, and we provide royalties, promotion, and detailed sales reports. Expand the reach and profitability of your training programs with our expertise and network.

Employee Rewards

BIS Safety Software’s Employee Rewards Software strengthens company culture, improves productivity, and reduces turnover costs. It’s included with the base features of the BIStrainer system, providing automated point allocations, scheduled reward events, and easy management. Recognize outstanding work, access detailed reporting, and enjoy the benefits of email notifications and Excel reporting. Boost employee engagement effortlessly across organizations of all sizes.

Corporate Training Client

BIS Safety Software’s Corporate client program simplifies training administration and reduces costs. Access over 1,000 top training courses, excel reporting, dashboards, and the Training Matrix from your customized company portal. Enjoy unlimited access to reporting tools, receive expiring course notifications, and configure system notification rules. Take full control of your training hub with branded colors and logo. Benefit from a wide range of features and streamline your training management process.

Incident Reporting Software

BIS Safety Software’s Incident Management Software enables organizations to collect comprehensive incident data, identify root causes, implement corrective actions, and ensure proper incident notification. Track incidents, identify trends, and review investigation workflows. Easily provide updates to senior management and protect your company. Ensure all incidents are properly investigated and reported for a safer workplace. BIS Incident Management Software is a powerful tool for effective incident management.

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Training Record Management System – Demonstration
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Training Matrix – Demonstration

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Learning Management system – Demonstration

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Digital Forms – Demonstration

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Classroom Calendar Software – Demonstration

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Interactive Instructor Dashboard – Demonstration

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Equipment/Asset Management Software – Demonstration

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Event Management Workflow – Demonstration

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Visual Reporting for Digital Forms – Demonstration

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Excel Reporting for Digital Forms – Demonstration

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Employee Rewards Software – Demonstration

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Linked & Nested Assets – BIStrainer Learning and Compliance Software

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SafeTapp Version 2.0 – Your Mobile Health and Safety App

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How To Use SafeTapp Version 2.0


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