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Training Matrix Software

Online Training Matrix Software

Define Your Training Requirements Once and Let the Software Do the Rest


BIS Safety Software Training Matrix on a Desktop Computer and Tablet

Streamline Your Training Assignments with the Training Matrix

The BIStrainer Training Matrix in particular can be tailored to perfectly align with your unique company needs. With a simple click, you can assign a training course to a specific role and have it automatically distributed to all individuals who require it. It’s as straightforward as that!

Experience a new era of efficiency and convenience as you automate your training assignments with the Training Matrix. Say goodbye to cumbersome paperwork and embrace a future filled with streamlined processes and promising possibilities.

LMS Learning Management Software by BIS UK

Automatically Assign:

Employee Training

Digital Forms

Training Plans

Training needs are assigned to individuals according to roles or locations. Should an employee modify either of these aspects, the training system will promptly adapt and deliver the necessary training to their profile. This ensures that they are constantly prepared for work, regardless of their location. Embrace the reassurance that comes with being equipped and ready to take on any challenge, wherever you may be!

training matrix that helps auto-assign training displayed on two tablets
training matrix software by BIS safety software

Automatic Notifications

Training Matric Sends Automatic Expiry and Required Training Notifications to Your Team

Training Matrix Summary Report

Easily spot areas for improvement!

Having a strong reporting system is vital for the success of your safety and training initiatives. By quickly and easily identifying your employees’ training gaps, you can ensure that everyone is well-prepared for their daily tasks.

The Training Matrix Summary provides a visually appealing report that uses colours to highlight expiring training or confirm that you’re up to date. This convenient tool allows you to stay optimistic and confident in your team’s abilities as you navigate the work ahead.

Managing and keeping track of employee training can be a daunting task for large organizations, requiring significant time and effort. Traditional paper-based filing systems introduce errors and require constant digging and verification.

To fix this, many create a training matrix tailored to their company. Start by defining employee roles and training topics and assign specific learning requirements to each role like first aid training. You can even customize training requirements based on the location of your employees, considering regional safety regulations. Once the system is set up, it automatically delivers the necessary training to employees based on their roles and location.

Plus, the system keeps track of employee files, automatically updating training requirements as training is completed. Managers can easily monitor who has up-to-date training and who needs further development. The system also takes care of certificate expiry dates and sends renewal notifications, ensuring that both employees and their managers are reminded of any training that is about to expire within 90 days or has already expired. The tracking is incredibly detailed, and with just one click, you can obtain a comprehensive gap analysis. This analysis highlights any potential compliance issues and identifies any missing training, conveniently presented in an easy-to-follow Excel report.

With this automated approach, managing employee training becomes more efficient. It brings warmth and hope by streamlining processes, reducing errors, and ensuring that your workforce is well-equipped and compliant.

training requirements on a map of canada

Geographic Training Requirements

With Additional Advanced Assignments

With advanced assignment technology you can have the matrix configured to automatically assign different training requirements based on:

Entire regions

A specific city

A specific person

Company department

Or a division

Company role Locations

Setting your training requirements based on roles and locations is incredibly convenient with our system. We offer a high level of customization, allowing you to tailor your company’s training needs to specific locations and roles. Whether it’s only providing forklift training to Operators in one location and not making it mandatory in others, our system effortlessly handles it all.

Furthermore, you have the freedom to select the exact courses you deem suitable for each training topic. Simply enter the training topic, such as Forklift Safety, and choose the preferred training provider, like XYZ Safety, and format, such as online training. Only training that meets these specific requirements will be accepted.

To ensure everyone remains up to date with their training requirements, our system sends automated notifications when courses are nearing expiration. These notifications are sent to workers, managers, and system administrators alike, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their department, region, or location, is well-informed about their compliance with training requirements.

Rest assured, our system empowers you with the tools to streamline and manage training effectively, fostering a warm and hopeful atmosphere for the future.

More Automated Features

Tailored Choices

Personalize and adapt your training matrix by incorporating specific roles and terminologies unique to your company. Easily upload a wide range of roles and training topics.

User-Friendly Design

Effortlessly navigate and understand your training requirements across the entire organization with our user-friendly grid layout.

Classroom Training Integrations

Enable your employees to easily access relevant training topics by clicking on them, which will then redirect them to a calendar displaying available classroom training sessions that meet their specific requirements.

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Training is Auto Assigned

Not only can you set training as optional or mandatory based on employees' roles and locations, but you can also automate the assignment of training at specific intervals or upon expiration.

Identifying Training Gaps

Generate comprehensive reports that identify areas within regions, work sites, departments, and even individuals that require additional training, based on the parameters set by the Training Matrix.

Worldwide Access

Experience the convenience of accessing your training matrix from anywhere in the world, using any device, thanks to our cutting-edge cloud-based technology.


SafeTapp 2.0​

Mobile Compatibility

Enhance your health and safety management system with a user-friendly safety app that makes your training and awareness accessible to your whole team from their personal mobile devices. Introducing SafeTapp, the ultimate tool that enables you to:

Experience the convenience of downloading and storing your training certificates directly on your smartphone or tablet. With SafeTapp, empower yourself with the tools to ensure safety while embracing a bright and optimistic future.


Client Feedback

“We are extremely pleased with our relationship with BIS Training. Whenever we require support it is provided with virtually no lag time, which makes for happy clients and smooth uninterrupted service. The document management system is a welcome addition to this excellent offering of training management services.”
Marcus Burn
NCSO Safety Consultant, COR Solutions
“Bistrainer has been so great to deal with! In 2.5 years we have been working with them our utilization has grown way beyond simple record keeping and now includes a rewards program and performance management. They are always willing to help you build a custom solution to make your life easier!”
John Kerr
Operations Specialist, Caron Transportation Systems
“Partnering up with BIS to deliver online training to our clients was one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. Their client service and support is unsurpassed, and they never stop innovating and improving their system. Working with BIS is a great experience and an invaluable asset for our company and clients.”
Kit Goldman President and Founder
Workplace Training Network Inc.

Training Matrix Software

Take control of your training; don't allow your training to control you.