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About BIS Safety Software

About BIS

With 17 years dedicated to developing safety software, we have expanded our application beyond training requirements. The BIStrainer platform currently supports clients with onboarding and induction software, digital forms and folders, equipment and asset management, automated admin tools, and numerous other features.

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Over 17 Years

Supporting Health and Safety Professionals


2006 - BIS is officially started

BIS opens the doors on April 1, 2006. Our original offering was in-person leadership training


2007 - Leaderships Books

The founder of BIS publish three books: Management: A Practical Guide to Management Excellence; Success: Principles and Strategies for Success; and A Practical Guide to Leadership Principles and Strategies.


2008 - Learning Management System (LMS)

BIS officially launches the BIStrainer learning management system (LMS)


2009 - BIS Partners with a Post-secondary Institution

BIS collaborates with a prominent post-secondary institution to introduce a collection of leadership and management programs.


2010 - The SafetyNET Partnership

By partnering with our network of resellers, we established a program that encourages collaborative efforts to share and sell safety programs centralized on the BIS platform.


2011 - SafetyNET Magazine

BIS releases the initial editions of SafetyNET magazine, highlighting its safety software, online courses, and network partnerships.


2012 - Government-approved Online First Aid Course

Teaming up with Inter Provincial Safety Resources (IPSR), BIS enables the completion of Standard First Aid training through a blend of online theory and classroom sessions.


2013 - BIS Signs 100th Partner

BIS commemorates the enrolment of its 100th Network Partner, providing access to our online courses and software directly from their website.


2014 - BIS Focuses on Safety

Following thorough deliberation, BIS shifts its focus from in-class leadership and management training to online safety training and software.


2015 - Dedicated Client Experience Team

To match our remarkable growth, BIS initiates a dedicated customer experience (technical support) team, committed to assisting our expanding client base in effectively utilizing the core technology.


2016 - Over 500 Online Training Courses

By the end of 2016 we had more than 500 online safety training options available on the SafetyNET course store.


2017 - The SafeTapp App is Born

BIS introduces its inaugural smartphone app, available on both the Apple Store and Android Play Store, named SafeTapp.


2018 - New Partnerships with OSSA

Collaborating with OSSA, BIS innovates card scanner technology for worksite badges, a collaborative classroom management system, a centralized training record database, and an online safety orientation named “Basic Safety Orientation (BSO) for the oil industry.”


2019 - Certificate of Recognition Tool

We partnered with the Manufacturer’s Health and Safety Association (MHSA), to create a COR audit software tool to make it easier for companies to manage this complex process.


2020 - Business Improvement Solutions (BIS) Officially Becomes BIS Safety Software

In December 2020, we underwent a rebranding to BIS Safety Software, aligning our name with our current suite of offerings.

2020 also saw us work in close collaboration with our major clients to enhance our digital forms technology by introducing event management workflows. This enhancement allows clients to oversee every digital form associated with a particular incident or event, keeping tabs on outstanding tasks and accessing reports that highlight crucial information.



2021 - User Experience Upgrades & SafeTapp 2.0

During 2021, we introduced SafeTapp 2.0, a substantial improvement in design and functionality compared to our initial mobile app. The enhancements in design and features were implemented based on the valuable feedback provided by our clients and partners. Additionally, this year witnessed further design enhancements across BIStrainer, with numerous pages transitioning to a fully responsive design.


2022 - Improvements to Digital Forms & New Offices

In 2022 we acquired a new head office to accommodate our expanding team. Secondly, a building was purchased in Houston to support our growth in Texas. 2022 also witnessed substantial enhancements to the BIStrainer Digital Forms Module, introducing features such as multi-respondent workflows, version history with the option to revert, and the ability to view all completed forms within a specific location.


2023 - BIS Adds a Lone Worker Feature

In 2023, a significant enhancement was the incorporation of the Lone Worker feature. This tool enables individuals working alone to send updates, informing their supervisors about their well-being or if they require assistance. This feature represents a substantial stride in enhancing the safety of lone workers.

Both workers and supervisors have the capability to establish check-in times. If the designated time elapses without an update from the worker, the supervisor receives a signal to dispatch someone for a well-being check.

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