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Learning Management System

Learning Management System

Effortlessly implement organization-wide online training programs!


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Learning Management System

Our LMS goes further than most, delivering features like:

  • Advanced Reporting Tools
  • Secure Cloud Hosting
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Integrated Exam Engine
  • API and SSO Integrations
  • Enterprise Level Scalability

BIStrainer LMS suite comes with easy-to-use learning and compliance tools. This includes an enterprise-level Learning Management System. The LMS comes with SCORM compatibility, a course permission management system and an integrated eCommerce store. The tools provided in the LMS automate many of the administrative jobs that go along with training staff and keep things organized and track-able.

BIStrainer is specifically designed for companies that prioritize safety training. As a result, numerous supporting features of BIStrainer are closely aligned with safety, making it an ideal choice for any company’s safety program.

LMS by BIS Safety Software

LMS Features

Training Matrix

A rubric that can A: inform employees or management of required training for a specific role or location, or B: send required training courses directly to team members.

Competency Management

Implement a system for validating competencies, allowing students who pass theoretical assessments to undergo proper evaluation by management.

Digital Form Integration

Seamlessly integrate digital paperwork, like onboarding documents, into the orientation or course, allowing students to complete them online.

SCORM Compatibility

Support playback of SCORM 1.2 and 2004 courses, including advanced programs with sequencing and navigation.

Secure Exam Engine

Integrate an exam engine that supports multiple-choice, multi-select, true/false, and fill-in-the-choice type questions, ensuring the security of the examination process.

Document Uploader

Enable students to conveniently upload documents, such as proof of previous training, directly into the course.

“Hands down the best online LMS system out there” - TMA Safety

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Mobile Compatibility

SafeTapp 2.0​

Enhance your health and safety management system with a user-friendly safety app.

With SafeTapp, your team has mobile access to:

Download and store your training certificates on any smartphone or tablet.

Onboarding Support

Once your company registers for the BIStrainer Learning Management System, our dedicated Client Success team will reach out to assist you in implementing the LMS Software according to your company’s specific requirements. Whether you have 100 employees or 100,000, we will devise an excellent plan that suits your company perfectly. We understand the immense potential of Learning Management Software for any organization and will help you implement a system that will cut costs, administration time, and effort.

Stages of the Onboarding Process

In the initial stage of setting up the LMS Software, our primary focus is on confidentially collecting all the data you want to transfer from your current methods to the BIStrainer Learning Management System. The duration of this stage will vary based on the amount of data, number of users, and complexity of your existing system, but typically we target around one week.

Our next step in introducing our learning management software involves utilizing the data collected during phase 1 to establish a launch schedule for you. Regardless of the organization’s size, the time required for the launch mainly depends on the complexity of the setup and the quality of the initial data. We assess your team’s needs and specifications and create a flexible timeline for the launch. While this timeline may be subject to adjustments during the onboarding process, we find it beneficial to have a target to work towards.

The most important stage of implementing Learning Management Software is importing your carefully collected data. We gather all relevant information, such as hierarchy, users, historical data, job roles, training topics, and any other specific needs, and collaborate with you to import the data. Getting this right can grant you limitless data that can help to fine-tune your whole organization.

It’s important for us to have a designated point of contact whom we can regularly reach out to for information and to address any questions. This individual should possess knowledge about the training programs within your organization and be familiar with your team’s dynamics.

During this stage, we will focus on arranging any outstanding tasks, such as digital form workflows, folders, and various other elements. The duration of this phase will vary depending on the extent to which your team utilizes BIStrainer features like LMS, Training Records, Digital Forms, and Equipment Manager. We will also configure notification triggers and grant management accounts the necessary level of access for activities such as reporting and competency assessments.

The next crucial step will involve providing training to your team. Up to this point, we have been closely collaborating with one or more members of your team. However, when we are prepared to proceed, we will need to train all individuals involved in the rollout to ensure they are fully prepared for a smooth launch.

Implementing your new learning management system is straightforward, and we’re here to ensure a seamless experience. Our support is readily accessible to assist you with any requirements throughout this period.

training tracking software


Stay informed with up-to-date reports on:

Historical training records

Online training courses

Completed digital forms

Training requirements

Employee account information

And company documents

Throughout the entire process, the Client Success team will provide support. They will also offer strategies and valuable tips to ensure the seamless implementation of the new Learning Management System (LMS) within your organization.

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Technical Support with almost NO Limits

Once you begin utilizing the BIStrainer system, you can enjoy unlimited access to our Customer Experience support team.

Just call or email and our customer experience team will be at your service!


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