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Online Classroom Calendar

Online Classroom Calendar

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Classroom Calendar Software
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Effortlessly Manage In-Person Training

Embrace complete command over your face-to-face training endeavors by efficiently managing them online using our robust calendar tool, capable of handling numerous trainers, classrooms, and courses spread across various cities.

  • Streamlined Classroom Organization: Bid farewell to the hassle of double-booking classrooms, instructors, or trainees forever.
  • Instructor Coordination: Minimize administrative burdens through self-registration and automated notifications.
  • Seamless Virtual Training Integration: Seamlessly transition your classroom sessions to the online realm with integrated Zoom™ and Teams™ virtual meetings directly within the Classroom Calendar.
  • Course Administration: Effortlessly schedule training events by simply dragging and dropping courses onto the calendar.

Key Features Overview

Classroom Organization

Efficiently organize your classrooms, including location, time zone, physical address, and important notes for students and instructors for in-person or blended learning. You can also list the available equipment, making it easy for everyone to be prepared.

Instructor Excellence

Gain valuable insights into instructor certifications and qualifications, upload resumes and relevant documents, and view teaching history. Our platform supports instructors in delivering their best.

Streamlined Course Administration

Create engaging classroom courses with detailed instructions, visuals, videos, prerequisites, and link them to online courses and competency assessments. This seamless integration generates certifications for successful learners.

Seamless Registration Process

Make learner registration a breeze, whether it's through your website or an Excel upload. Take advantage of waiting list functionality to ensure missed opportunities due to cancellations are minimized.

Effortless Course Asset Management

Efficiently manage inventory for student workbooks, tablets, and other physical resources across your entire organization. Whether it's with an instructor, in a classroom, or with a customer, our system keeps everything organized.

Interactive Instructor Dashboard

Empower instructors with a user-friendly dashboard that allows them to effortlessly manage course assets. They can drag and drop resources, play videos, and present PowerPoints to students on their tablets, fostering an interactive learning experience.

Enhanced Location Services with Google Maps

Integrate with Google to provide students with an intuitive visual map displaying the classroom location. Users can simply click the image to access directions, ensuring a smooth journey to your doorstep.

Integrated eCommerce Solution

Easily process credit card payments through our integrated eCommerce engine. Offer classroom courses directly from your private portal, providing a seamless purchasing experience for your customers.

Comprehensive Competency Management

Effortlessly manage employee competency across various training topics. Our system combines online, classroom, practical hands-on training, and supervised competency assessments, ensuring comprehensive validation.

Automated Invoicing

Streamline invoicing and billing processes for clients within our classroom management software. Set up tax codes, payment terms, and invoice instructions, so clients receive their bills automatically, saving you time and effort.

Cutting-Edge QR Code Technology

Utilize the latest QR Code technology to effortlessly verify a student's training and valid certification. Administrators can simply scan the given QR code using SafeTapp, ensuring a secure and efficient process.

Efficient Inventory Control

Upload, track, and manage all your classroom inventory, including student workbooks, exams, manuals, and non-consumables like tablets and PowerPoint clickers. Our system simplifies inventory management for you.

classroom calendar on a laptop screen

Efficiently Managing Classroom Training

Our all-in-one Classroom Calendar simplifies classroom training management, offering seamless coordination for various training needs. It covers:

  • scheduling
  • instructor assignments
  • enrollments
  • payments
  • waitlists
  • course materials

Plus, students benefit from a user-friendly self-registration system with enrollment confirmations and reminders. The tool also efficiently handles waitlists for popular courses.
Creating classroom profiles is easy, including essential details like location and amenities. Automated instructions and interactive maps make navigation a breeze. Integrated Google Maps in emails enhance the experience. Overall, it’s an intuitive solution for hassle-free classroom management, fostering a positive learning environment.

Course Management

The system also enhances course management. You have the power to give each course a distinctive title, ID number, and description. Moreover, you can tailor the course requirements, specify approved instructors, and determine the price, minimum and maximum number of students, and the duration of the course, including the specific start and end times each day.

When developing the course, you even have the option to upload images and videos that will appear in a pop-up window when students click on an event in the calendar.

Need to change the schedule for a training session? No worries at all. It’s as easy as dragging and dropping the event to a new date. The system will then automatically inform all the registered participants and instructors on your behalf.

Furthermore, the system includes a built-in certificate generator that instantly creates a certificate for each student upon successful completion of the course. Once the certificate is generated, the system will also update the Training Record Management System by generating a training record for that specific course and adding it to the student’s account, ensuring their records are up to date.

Instructor Management

Instructor management also becomes a breeze with the Classroom Calendar. It gives you the power to effortlessly assign and manage your trusted classroom instructors and after the initial set up most administrative duties are cut. Simply upload their details once and easily select them from a drop-down menu the next time.

Once an instructor is allocated to a course, they will receive automatic notifications, prompting them to confirm their availability for each assigned session. This streamlined instructor management interface ensures that your instructors are never double-booked or given courses they are not certified to teach.

The Classroom Management System allows instructors to effortlessly oversee their upcoming training sessions. With a quick log-in, instructors can access a comprehensive list of all the courses they’ve been assigned, as well as check any pending confirmations. It’s a seamless experience that keeps everyone organized and filled with hope for the future.


Instructor Dashboard

The instructor dashboard gives your team of teachers everything they need to know and tools for them to enhance the learning experience. They have full control. It’s as simple as dragging and dropping course assets onto the main screen, and voila! This means instructors can provide students with real-time access to videos and PowerPoints on their tablets.

But that’s not all! Our software also lets instructors easily drop quizzes into the student zone. As students complete the quizzes, the collective results are displayed on the dashboard, providing valuable insights to the teacher. This allows them to identify which areas of the course material require more attention and focus.

Here’s what makes our software truly exceptional:

  • Experience the convenience of drag and drop technology.
  • Gain valuable data on quiz results and student participation.
  • Create courses with ease using our user-friendly interface.
  • Upload videos and presentations seamlessly.

With our classroom calendar software, teaching becomes an exciting and rewarding journey, filled with endless possibilities for both teachers and students.


Online Classroom Calendar
Online Classroom Calendar

Supporting Services

Exam Engine

Experience the power of our integrated exam engine that allows you to easily upload questions, generate them at random, and obtain quick results with automatic marking. It's a seamless and efficient way to assess your students' progress.

Certificate Generator

Celebrate your students' accomplishments with our automated certificate generator. When they successfully complete a course, personalized certificates are created instantly. You can choose to print or email copies, ensuring a hassle-free process. Plus, your records are automatically updated for added convenience.

Student Workbook

Enhance the learning journey in your courses, whether they're new or already established, with our dedicated team of designers. They will craft bespoke student workbooks tailored to your material, providing valuable resources that support comprehensive learning.

Central Course Library

Take your classroom training to the next level by accessing our extensive collection of premium online safety courses. With hundreds of options available, you can select the most relevant ones and offer them to your students prior to their scheduled classroom sessions. It's a fantastic way to enrich their educational experience.

Training Record Management

Effortlessly manage and monitor your classroom course completions with our intuitive system. Keep track of student progress, receive automatic notifications when tickets are nearing expiration, and generate insightful gap analysis reports. These reports allow you to identify missing training on a departmental, role-based, or individual basis.

Competency Validation

We believe that a well-rounded approach is key to achieving outstanding outcomes. That's why we offer a comprehensive solution that combines online, classroom, and onsite competency validation. This gives companies extra assurance their staff are aware and skilled.

Exam Engine

Unlock the full potential of our integrated exam engine, enabling you to effortlessly upload questions, generate them randomly, and swiftly access results with automatic marking. It's a seamless and efficient way to assess your students' progress.

Certificate Generator

Celebrate your students' achievements with our automated certificate generator. Upon successful course completion, personalized certificates are instantly generated. You can choose to print or email certificate copies, while we take care of updating records automatically.

Student Workbook

Enrich the learning experience in your courses, both new and existing, by leveraging our team of skilled designers. They will create customized student workbooks based on your material, ensuring comprehensive support throughout the educational journey.

Central Course Library

Enhance your classroom training by selecting from a wide range of premium online safety courses available in our central course library. These courses can be made accessible to students prior to their scheduled classroom sessions, providing valuable additional resources.

Training Record Management

Effortlessly keep track of classroom course completions with our user-friendly training record management system. Receive automatic notifications when students' training tickets are close to expiration and gain valuable insights through gap analysis reports, helping you identify any missing training by department, role, or individual.

Competency Validation

We believe that a combination of online, classroom, and onsite competency validation leads to measurable improvements. By embracing this comprehensive approach, you can witness significant positive outcomes in your students' learning journey.

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