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Safety Management System

Safety Management System

Simplify your health and safety program with a single secure app!
safety management software

Drastically Improve Your Safety & Training Compliance

All in a convenient, user-friendly platform!

with the BIStrainer system, you have access to a comprehensive range of features designed to streamline your safety, training, and compliance initiatives. Regardless of role – safety manager, training leader, human resources, frontline supervisor, employee, or contingent worker – it’s essential to have a reliable system that can easily provide awareness, track incidents, and organize your training.

A Better Safety Program

Streamline hazard documentation and management.

Efficiently track and report incidents and lessons learned.

Develop actionable plans for incident response.

Easily monitor audit preparation and compliance.

Create customizable inspection forms for compliance tracking.

Centralize asset management for safety, equipment, and IT assets.

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Enhance Employee Training

Ensure training compliance with easy monitoring and reporting.

Access a wide range of over 1700 courses on various topics.

Choose from multiple course subscription packages.

Customize and upload your own training materials.

Instantly upload and organize training records.

Optimize management of instructor-led training.

Evaluate employee performance with on-the-job tracking.

Facilitate toolbox talks for team engagement.

Complete training and digital forms conveniently via mobile app.

safety management system

Efficient Safety Management System - Features and Benefits

The BIStrainer Safety Management System offers many impressive features to streamline your EHS program. It simplifies and organizes risk assessments, site inspection forms, field-level hazard assessments, and incident reports with ease. Furthermore, it features equipment/asset management and preventative maintenance reports. And don’t think we’ve left out training, it also includes a comprehensive Learning Management Program. Managing your safety program has never been easier!

Hazard Assessments Simplified

Key Features

Customizable templates with risk analysis, control measures, hazard types, legislation, and required training.

Automated reviews and reassessments.

Employee input for ongoing updates.

Easy modification with tracked history of changes.

Efficient filtering for different hazard forms.


Proof of compliance through review, and monitoring of hazard assessments.

Implement suitable control measures for risks.

Identify organization-wide risks and gaps.

Quick capture of reviews with digital signatures.

Streamline hazard updates and management.

Rapid deployment of adjustments.

Hazard and risk controls are crucial for a successful health and safety program, and software is revolutionizing its management. Regardless of the terminology used (FLHAs, FLRAs, SHA’s, JHA’s, or JSA’s), our system offers customizable solutions to handle all types. Our modern forms and tools streamline the creation, tracking, documentation, and reporting of hazards. By utilizing our system, you can trust that employees will swiftly identify and assess proper hazard controls, ensuring a healthy and safe workplace. Stay ahead of incidents by catching hazards early. Explore the various features and benefits below.


Workplace inspections come in various forms: equipment, site, and task assessments, both internal and external. It’s crucial to have a flexible tool and system that allows for customized forms, making inspection management quick and effortless.

Key Features

Create, design, and deploy diverse inspection types.

Assign inspections automatically, with flexibility based on roles, equipment, location, and asset grouping.

Customize workflows for task assignment, approvals, and form modifications, with different frequencies.

Capture various elements of the inspection, including workplace hazards, biological, chemical, physical, ergonomic, and psychosocial factors.

Collect information such as site maps, inventory, supporting documents, other checklists, frequency, and equipment details.

User-friendly tool, ensuring consistency across other programs.

safety management software


Capture inspection details like the completion status, responsible person, corrective actions, risk classifications, follow-ups, alerts, notifications, and the method of inspection.

Rollup reporting provides a quick overview of compliance and the overall state of the inspection program.

Advanced reporting enables filtering and detailed analysis of information.

On-demand access to form details.

Modernized digital inspections.

Real-time insights into progress and identified gaps.

Efficient creation and customization of inspection forms according to specific needs.

Automated and flexible task assignments.

Incident Management Software

Incident Management Software

BIS incident management software is a comprehensive tool for incident data collection, root cause analysis, corrective actions, and notification. It can unify your whole system making it easier to prove your diligence. A system that automatically organizes incident management can point out trends which can lead to clever corrective actions that improve safety.

  • Collect incident data with photos, statements, location, and regulatory information.
  • Maintain confidentiality with different access levels and permissions.
  • Customize data fields and reports for root cause analysis.
  • Automate workflow with notifications, reminders, and task escalation.
  • Manage corrective actions and monitor progress.
  • Configure targeted notifications.
  • Generate prebuilt or customized reports with auditing trails.
  • User-friendly tool with mobile compatibility.
  • Track incidents and identify trends.
  • Access incident details quickly.
  • Provide updates to senior management.
  • Secure and centralize data.
  • Robust reporting for root cause analysis.
  • Standardize incident management.
  • Enhance safety culture and protect people, assets, and environment.
  • Streamline processes, prevent data loss.
  • Track workflow with audit trails.

Competency Assessments

Managing employee qualifications in high-risk environments is crucial for risk mitigation. An integrated system provides easy access to information for employees, employers, and auditors, fostering trust in data and its management. Our system can provide competency assessments that are designed to prove competence to everyone involved.

  • Create, deploy, and track employee evaluations and competency assessments.
  • Generate ad-hoc reports to identify qualified and unqualified employees.
  • Streamline onboarding with orientation programs and content management.
  • Efficiently load and attach records in various formats with approval workflows.
  • Centralize training content, courses, and exams.
  • Automate workflows for expiry notifications, record approval, assigned training, and reports.
  • Utilize prebuilt templates for performance assessments, educational Toolbox/Safety talks, and supplementary information.
  • Access a library of 1700+ courses to address gaps.
  • Manage your own company training and content.
  • Reduce risks and improve overall company performance.
  • Enhance reporting capabilities to track training goals and identify gaps or risks.
  • Flexibly assign training based on employee, department, and organizational needs.
  • User-friendly tools and on-demand access for record management and training completion.
  • Efficiently create and deploy training materials.
  • Boost employee engagement.
  • Access a comprehensive training program and tools.
  • Centralize all training content and records in a single system.
Competency Assessment Software

Asset Management

Various types of asset tracking exist, including vehicles, mobile assets like forklifts and lifts, safety items such as fire extinguishers and gas monitors, specialized tools and non-mobile assets, and technology like phones and laptops. The system is adaptable to handle all asset types, offering convenience for organizations of any size.

  • Easily create, track, and manage different assets, including technology, safety, mobile/vehicle, and specialized equipment.
  • Integrate QR codes to efficiently locate equipment, conduct inspections, and manage maintenance tasks.
  • Gather additional asset information like truck and trailer details, as well as odometer/mileage readings.
  • Customize form design using prebuilt templates or different elements such as likert scales, picture/video fields, electronic signatures, comment fields, and date/time fields.
  • Establish links between maintenance tasks, completions, and asset location.
  • Set up automatic notifications for completions, expiries, and maintenance.
  • Generate customized progress reports and task assignments with flexible filtering options.
  • Consolidate tracking and management of diverse assets within a single system.
  • Establish connections between assets, inspections, and maintenance processes.
  • Quickly locate and track equipment with ease.
  • Streamline asset tracking and maintenance using one comprehensive tool.
  • Monitor assets, manage inventory, and track equipment locations effectively.

Reporting & Analytics

Robust EHS reporting and analytics enhance clarity and understanding of critical data. BIS offers a comprehensive tool for insights and better decision-making.

  • Customizable prebuilt reports with additional data fields.
  • Progress tracking reports with filters for type, role, location, and grouping.
  • Training reports covering hours, gaps, completions, exams, certificates, instructors, and scheduling.
  • Form reports for task monitoring, escalations, and assignments.
  • Equipment reports for inventory, inspections, maintenance, and incidents.
  • Color-coded legends for visual identification of critical elements.
  • Data download for external portability.
  • Advanced reporting and well-designed dashboards.
  • Flexible access levels for customized reports.
  • Automated workflows for scheduled reporting.
  • Time-saving prebuilt reports integrated into each module.
  • Quick analysis and decision-making with data-driven reports.
  • Data portability for convenience.
  • Pre-built reports for safety and training compliance, including incidents, hazard reviews, inspections, training completions, audit trails, and more.
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FLHA Online

Audits Simplified

With BIStrainer’s digital audit tool, ensuring successful audits has never been easier. Streamline and digitize your audit processes with our efficient inspection tool.

  • Identify and create forms to meet audit requirements.
  • Customize forms to define your specific criteria.
  • Assign audit tasks to designated employees.
  • Track completion and identify gaps with customizable reports.
  • Access your safety program documents quickly and conveniently.
  • Set reminders and notifications for timely follow-ups.
  • Utilize digital signatures for compliance management.
  • Complete your audit process within the same system that manages your safety program.
  • Proactively identify and address gaps before audits occur.
  • Save time with a user-friendly system that requires no additional training.
  • Track audit progress and generate automated reports for leadership.
  • Enjoy quick and effortless reporting capabilities.

Safety Management Tools

What safety management tools are necessary for effectively managing my safety program?

The BIStrainer system offers a customizable approach, allowing you to handpick the tools required to manage your safety program and adapt them as your program progresses and expands.

safety management system
  • Develop customized courses and certifications.
  • Streamline training administration.
  • Design assessments and surveys for staff and contractors.
  • Access comprehensive reports and analytics on employee training.
  • Implement a rewards system for incentivizing learning.
  • Efficiently upload records from various systems.
  • Rapidly eliminate duplicate records.
  • Identify training gaps through reports.
  • Manage training matrix effectively.
  • Track and maintain driver profiles.
  • Administrators, instructors, and students can utilize the tool.
  • Admins handle instructor schedules and qualifications.
  • Instructors oversee registrations, content, and resources.
  • Students access schedules, records, and certifications.
  • Manage various training methods: face-to-face, online, and hybrid.
  • Conduct exams with virtual proctoring.
  • Templates available for easy access
  • Create, customize, assign, and deploy forms for various safety aspects.
  • Examples include hazard/FLHA forms, toolbox/safety talks, inspections, performance assessments, audits, incidents, and more.
  • Handle diverse safety and compliance forms.
  • Establish automated workflows for form reviews, approvals, and signoffs.
  • Ensure secure, safe, and easily accessible forms.
  • Assign digital access and permissions.
  • Generate compliance reports and track audit history.
  • Establish distinct categories for efficient equipment management.
  • Connect inspections and training to relevant assets.
  • Assign tasks to effectively handle equipment.
  • Categories include:
    • Technology (e.g., laptops, cellphones, monitors).
    • Safety (e.g., fire extinguishers, AED’s, gas monitors).
    • Mobile/vehicles (e.g., forklifts, skid steer, boats, aerial and scissor lifts).
    • Specialized equipment (e.g., ground detection equipment, emergency response equipment).

What our Clients think About the BIStrainer System

“We are extremely pleased with our relationship with BIS Training. Whenever we require support it is provided with virtually no lag time, which makes for happy clients and smooth uninterrupted service. The document management system is a welcome addition to this excellent offering of training management services.”
Marcus Burn
NCSO Safety Consultant, COR Solutions
“Bistrainer has been so great to deal with! In 2.5 years we have been working with them our utilization has grown way beyond simple record keeping and now includes a rewards program and performance management. They are always willing to help you build a custom solution to make your life easier!”
John Kerr
Operations Specialist, Caron Transportation Systems
“Partnering up with BIS to deliver online training to our clients was one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. Their client service and support is unsurpassed, and they never stop innovating and improving their system. Working with BIS is a great experience and an invaluable asset for our company and clients.”
Kit Goldman President and Founder
Workplace Training Network Inc.

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Safety Management System

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