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Toolbox Talk Software

Toolbox Talk Software

Hosting daily toolbox talks just got easier!

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Online Toolbox Talks for Safety

Online toolbox talks are a crucial tool to ensure your team's safety!

Discussing recent incidents and sharing preventive measures

Keeping safety topics at the forefront of everyone's minds each day

Updating workers on the latest safety regulations

Contributing to a positive safety culture within your team

By utilizing the digital toolbox talk forms offered by BIStrainer, you can save time by preparing your talks directly within the forms. Additionally, the attendance widget enables you to track which team members were present during each toolbox talk, while the GPS widget will pin the location of the talk. All this organized data is stored on your cloud and you can retrieve it if you ever need to prove compliance, diligence, or responsibility. 

Record Attendance with Toolbox Talk Software

The digital toolbox talk form has a special feature that lets you track who attended the safety meetings. This helps you keep organized and ensures that all workers are present for every talk. The attendance widget even allows workers to digitally sign the form as proof of their attendance.

Toolbox Talk Software

Features of Online Toolbox Talks

Electronic Sign-offs

Optimized for Phones & Tablets

Save Templates for Future Talks

Pre-Start Checklists

Attendance Widget

Risk Evaluations

You Can Use Online Toolbox Talks Everyday

If you can’t organize a face-to-face toolbox talk, online toolbox talks offer a convenient and effective way to provide your employees with essential safety information. They can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your industry, whether it’s Oil & Gas, Construction, Transportation, Mining, or any other sector with safety requirements.

These online talks come with interactive features that keep your workers engaged, and there are tests available to assess their retention of the information. If you need to conduct frequent toolbox talks on a large scale, opting for an online platform can prove to be highly cost-effective in terms of both time and money.

If face-to-face toolbox talks are still possible, the digital forms allow leaders to keep it all consistent, organized, and documented.

An image showing construction software on a tablet and mobile device. In this case it is a field level hazard assessment form.

Get Started with Toolbox Talk Software!

The BIS Toolbox Talk software works with our Digital Forms. It offers digital toolbox talks with helpful features like attendance tracking, electronic sign-offs, and reporting. These tools keep your employees and contractors informed, compliant, and aligned. For pricing details, visit our Contact Us page, and our team will provide a personalized estimate for this module and other modules that suit your organization's requirements.

Ready to Start Using Digital Toolbox Talks?

Step 1 - Get in Touch with Us

If you want to use our Toolbox Talk software, contact our team and inform them of your interest to begin! They will address any queries and initiate the process.

Step 2 - Customized Your Portal

Drawing inspiration from your company's colours and materials, we can create a unique portal tailored to your needs. It will encompass forms, automated workflows, reporting, and other features.

Step 3 - Expert Assistance During Onboarding

Our team of dedicated specialists will guide you through the onboarding process, ensuring that your business comprehends the BIStrainer system and knows how to make the most of it.


Mobile Access with

SafeTapp 2.0​

The user-friendly safety app that enhances your health and safety management system. With this convenient app, you have access to a range of essential features, all at your fingertips.

The best part? You can download and store your training certificates on any smartphone or tablet. SafeTapp 2.0 is your comprehensive safety companion, simplifying your safety management system and ensuring your workforce stays informed and compliant.

Boost Safety Every Day with Toolbox Talks!

Creating and sustaining a strong safety culture is essential. Beginning each day with consistent toolbox talks enhanced, documented, and supported with software can be a powerful starting point!