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Digital Folders

Digital Folders

Grant Company-Wide Access with Digital Folders!

Digital Folders on mobile app for safety management
cloud-based folder management system

Digital Folders

Say Goodbye to:

Lost files

Unnecessary printing costs

And more

Included Features:

Reports for Approvals

Secure Digital Signatures

Compatibility with Mobile Devices

Easy-to-Manage Permissions

Keep your important documents secure and accessible with BIStrainer’s digital storage system. Just like folders on your computer, you can upload multiple files and documents to a cloud-based storage space for your team. This convenient software allows your employees to easily access company files, track acceptance and sign-off, and receive automated reminders for document expiration and reassignment.

Create a wealth of compliance folders containing

Approval Reports


Mobile-Friendly Functionality

Authorization Control

cloud-based folders for online assessments


Upload Documents and Policies for Company-Wide Distribution

files within digital folders

When you set up your folder, you’ll be able to easily share important files like Microsoft Word documents, PDF policies or procedures, Excel spreadsheets, and even interactive digital forms. It’s a breeze to upload all the necessary documents, and you can personalize the rules for each one. Plus, you can decide who gets to access and edit them, determine if a digital signature is required, craft the perfect affirmation statement, and much more. If you ever need advice on the best way to automate processes just reach out and our team is ready to assist you!


Grant Access and Permissions to Your Team

With our sophisticated permission management system, administrators have the ability to allocate precise user access levels to team members and new hires. Using the Assignment Type Selectors, you can easily assign a folder based on location, job position, company role, or even a combination like Company Location and Company Role (e.g. White Castle and all Crane Operators). By doing so, the assigned folder will promptly appear on the employee’s home page under the Training tab, in the Assigned section, allowing them to conveniently access it.

Digital Folders


Employee Approval of Documents

Digital Folders

Our user-friendly software for signing off on policies and procedures allows employees to easily access Word, PDF, or Excel documents. With just a click, they can open the document, review the Terms & Conditions, confirm their agreement, and digitally sign off on the company policy.

Once employees have signed off on the forms assigned to them, the folder containing the documents moves to the In Progress section on their homepage. As they complete the signing process for all the required forms, the folder automatically transitions to the Completed section.

If a document is updated or expires, the folder is promptly moved back to the Assigned section, notifying the user of the new sign-off requirement. After the employee has signed off on the updated document, the folder returns to the Completed section.

Our document management feature also includes comprehensive reporting capabilities. You can generate detailed reports for each document, as well as summary reports for the entire company. Furthermore, you have access to individual reports that specify which forms a particular user has signed off on and which forms are still pending.

The best part is the ability to highlight any updates in a new document. If the company makes changes, you can ensure that users are prompted to open it, read the changes, have them highlighted, and then request their signature once they have completed the review. This compliance-oriented system enables employees to quickly identify specific changes in workplace health and safety documents, while also providing them with complete access to the document for thorough review and tracking of their agreement.


In a world where cyber threats are a real and present danger, safeguarding your online documents is of utmost importance. That's where BIS Safety Software steps in, offering you a secure and dependable solution. Our secure document storage software ensures your files remain impervious to hackers and unauthorized access.


The Safety Compliance Folder System is a fantastic online tool that helps you manage all your important documents with ease. Imagine having a virtual folder where you can store all your files securely in the cloud, accessible anytime and anywhere. With this clever software, you can even add your digital signature with just a few taps on your smartphone, whether you're using an android or IOS device.


One of the most fantastic aspects of the online document management system is its incredible capability to gather documents from various sources and arrange them into searchable recordable data. This remarkable software not only stores digital versions of paper documents but also performs personalized indexing, ensuring that your documents are classified in a manner that makes them effortlessly retrievable in the future.

Managing Permissions

When you create a folder, you have the power to decide who can access it within your company. You can make it available to certain areas within your organization, to everyone, to specific individuals, or to all users. Once the folder is set up, you can take advantage of our advanced permission management system to allocate the folder and all its contents to groups based on their position in the system, their role within the company, or a mix of both. The lucky person or team assigned the folder will find it conveniently displayed on their homepage under Assigned.

Easy Digital Signatures

Every file within the folder can be customized to require employee confirmation and agreement. Just add a message when you first open the document, a terms and conditions statement that needs your approval, and a statement of agreement or confirmation with an easy-to-use checkbox and/or signature requirement. As you endorse policies or procedures, the folder smoothly transitions to the "In Progress" section of your homepage. Once you fulfil all the folder's requirements, it automatically moves to the "Completed" section.

Update Management

Your industry evolves, therefore you need software that can track and facilitate the change. Our folder system is designed to make sure you don't miss any updates. Whenever a file within a folder is modified, the folder automatically returns to your assigned section on your homepage. Any forms that have been updated will be marked with a friendly yellow warning icon. You can easily spot all the changes within the form or in the terms and conditions section. To complete the process, simply review the updates and provide your signature, and the folder will move forward.

Document History Reports

The document history report gives you an overhead of all forms in each folder. As an admin user, you can access any folder, choose a file, and easily download a comprehensive history report for any or all specific documents in the folder. The report is generated in Excel format and provides the names of individuals who opened each form and the date on which they gave their approval, signed, or used the form. It's a breeze to stay organized and stay informed with this user-friendly tool.

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