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Take your company safety program mobile with SafeTapp!
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Introducing SafeTapp: The Last EHS and Training App You’ll Ever Need!

Achieve your top health and safety goals effortlessly with SafeTapp, the all-in-one EHS App you and your team can access with mobile devices. Now, accessing and managing your training records, safety forms, company policies, and more is just a tap. You and your team can access and provide proof of certification using anywhere they have their mobile device and connection. No more storing multiple training cards in a wallet. Everything can be stored digitally and provided when needed. Download now and securely store all your training certificates on any smartphone or tablet.

Feel confident and hopeful as you embark on your safety journey with SafeTapp. It’s the app that keeps your records safe, your forms offline, and your safety objectives within reach. Experience the convenience and peace of mind that comes with having all your essential safety tools at your fingertips. Together, let’s make safety a personal priority, one tap at a time.


SafeTapp Equipment Management Software
Introducing SafeTapp: The Last EHS and Training App

Mobile Training Records

With SafeTapp, you can safely assume all your training records are up to date and compliant. The system automatically reminds team members of upcoming expiries and required training. Newly completed training will sync with the app, and your uploaded certifications will also instantly sync with the system

By simply scanning the QR codes on your certificates, you can easily keep track of the progress of your record verification wherever you are. This allows you to stay informed about whether your records have been successfully verified, are currently being verified, nearing expiration, or have already expired.


Your mobile devices are practically glued to your side. And now, thanks to SafeTapp, your valuable certifications can be right there too.

Dealing with physical certificates and paper documentation for your training can be a hassle for both employers and workers. It’s not only inconvenient but also expensive and time-consuming. But fret not! SafeTapp is here to simplify things and bring a touch of magic to your smartphone or tablet.

As you accumulate more training and certifications, you can effortlessly upload them all onto SafeTapp. It’s as simple as taking a quick snapshot. With the certificate uploader feature, just fill in a few essential details, capture a picture of your certificate, and voila! Everything is securely stored in the cloud and readily accessible on your device.

SafeTapp streamlines the certification process, offering you a seamless experience and giving you peace of mind. Embrace the convenience, embrace the future.

Certificate on Tablet forward

Digital Verification

With the power of QR code technology, you can effortlessly authenticate employee badges and records in mere seconds. By simply scanning the QR code on a ticket, you’ll instantly gain access to vital details about the record, including the certificate number, completion date, expiry date, pass mark, and ID verification status. Furthermore, you have the option to provide your employees with badges featuring QR codes, enabling you to effortlessly scan them and obtain a comprehensive list of their training records.

SafeTapp by BIS Safety Software UK

Even in situations where QR codes are not readily available, manual verification remains an accessible option. Whether you have the certificate number or user ID at hand, you can effortlessly retrieve a complete list of an employee’s training history. From there, you can easily delve into each record for additional information and obtain copies of the certificates.

Tailored Branding to Reflect Your Company's Identity

SafeTapp version 2.0 is the safety app specifically designed for YOU. You can make this app truly yours.

And to demonstrate our commitment, we are thrilled to offer you the opportunity to customize the app’s branding, incorporating your company logo and colours.

Your branding your safety app
customizable safety forms

Digital Safety Forms

create your very own digital forms in just a matter of minutes or select from our collection of ready-made templates. These forms are conveniently accessible to your team members at any time and from any location, regardless of internet connectivity. They are specifically designed to be used in the field, allowing you to efficiently fill out various custom forms such as incident investigations, hazard assessments, daily toolbox talks, competency validations, and many others. Plus, it's a breeze to capture photos, videos, and more, even when offline. With our system, you can stay up to date with real-time incident reporting, receive timely alerts, and stay informed through notifications. Embrace the future of digital safety forms

digital storage on folders

Cloud Storage Folders

Our innovative Digital Folder System enables you and your team to effortlessly access essential company policies, lockout procedures, and equipment manuals. Simply upload company policies and information to our safety BIStrainer in PDF, Word, and Excel formats and they can be accessed by your who team via Safetapp or the cloud application.









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Requires iOS 13.0 or later, Android 8 or later

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Arrange a demonstration or get in touch with the BIS team to discover more about SafeTapp. We'd love to show you how it works and answer any questions you may have.