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Training Record Management System

Training Record Management System

Training made simple

employee training tracking software online

Employee Training Records

All Stored in an Accessible Central Location

Maintaining employee and contractor training records can be an automated process, with very little admin work. Imagine a system that can scan and save a whole company’s training documents, and even remind employees when they need to renew. That’s the magic of a TRMS. Whether it’s 20 employees, or 20,000, it automates the whole process.

Training Record Management System

Never worry about training compliance again! This system stores, tracks and organizes:

Online Courses

Instructor-Led Courses

Historical Certificates

After you and your team have uploaded your files, the system can send expiry warnings straight to your team members wherever they are. Furthermore, it makes compliance a breeze, a couple of clicks can give you or anyone you allow a full picture of your teams’ training.

Record Database

Fed up with the hassle of locating training records? Annoyed by the scattered storage of records and certificates? We have the perfect solution.

Our online software for managing training records not only keeps track of and organizes records and certificates for courses completed via our learning management system (LMS), but it also securely stores, monitors, and generates reports for training conducted in classrooms, on-site, or through other systems!

With our user-friendly Excel upload feature, you can effortlessly create numerous user accounts and upload thousands of training records within minutes. Once uploaded, you have the flexibility to sort records by first name, last name, course title, training provider, completion date, or expiry date. Additionally, you can conveniently attach copies of training certificates to each corresponding training record.

Training Record Management on mobile

Automated Expiry Notifications

Our automated system sends notifications to make sure your employees always stay up-to-date with their training. We send email reminders to supervisors, employees, and administrators 90, 60, and 30 days before the training expires, allowing them to refresh their knowledge before it becomes overdue!

You can also check expiring course notifications with:

Click the links below to learn more about our Digital Forms and Folders, request a free demo, or access the feature sheet.

Training record management database

Dashboard Reporting

Excel Reporting

User Profiles

Training Record Management Software
online training record management software

On-Demand Training Reporting

This feature gives you a visual overhead on training that is expired, missing, or about to expire. Say goodbye to managing multiple spreadsheets and access everything within a user-friendly system.

Reporting Helps Close the Training Gap

An automated system for training can ensure that there are no gaps. Mitigating the training gap can:

Increase in Profits 69%
Increase in Productivity 63%
Increase in Quality of Work 74%

Training Matrix

Our advanced Training Matrix feature allows you to easily customize training for each role and location in your company. Simply enter a list of unique company roles (e.g. Driver) and required training topics (e.g. Transportation of Dangerous Goods), and our Training Management Software will generate a customized training matrix. To assign training to roles, just click on the relevant boxes. It’s that simple! After roles are completed, the system becomes automated after simply assigning roles to team members.

training record management system
Automated Notifications:

Cloud-based employee tracking management software automates notifications for expiring courses, sending alerts to workers, managers, and system administrators. This ensures everyone is aware of the compliance status for their department, region, or location in terms of training requirements.

Training Requirements by Role and Location:

Not only can you set training requirements by role, but you can also do so by location. Our Training Management Software allows you to customize training requirements by location as well as role. For example, if drivers in one location require long-haul training but drivers in other locations don't, our system can handle it.

Course Acceptance Criteria:

You can also specify which courses you will accept for each training topic. Enter the training topic (e.g. First Aid), select the preferred training provider (e.g. ABC Inc.), and choose the format (e.g. classroom). Only training that meets these requirements will be accepted.

Training Record Management


Training Record Management
training records management system software

Gap Analysis Reporting

After you assign the necessary training to all employees, follow up and make sure that the training is finished. With a simple click, you can generate a training gap analysis report to identify individuals who are lagging behind in their training. This report, in a format compatible with Microsoft Excel, includes comprehensive information such as the individual’s first and last names, their company location, and the specific training topic(s) that they need to complete.

Excel Compatibility & Data Management

Ensuring compatibility with Excel files can sometimes be difficult. BIStrainer utilizes a data management system that is already compatible with Excel, making it one of the most efficient methods for your company to transition to a paperless environment. Simply upload your company’s spreadsheet data, and our system will centrally manage crucial information for you, generating XSL or CSV files upon request.

Training Management System
  • Import user accounts
  • Update user profiles
  • Store training information, including copies of certificates
  • Download training reports directly to your computer
  • Verify employees through payroll comparison
  • Convert data storage files for both internal and external usage
The compatibility between our training management software and Excel spreadsheets ensures seamless communication, facilitating effective coordination among different departments within your organization.

Mobile Compatibility

SafeTapp 2.0​

Safetapp gives your team access to EHS resources from their own mobile device.

With SafeTapp your team can access:

Mobile access allows your team to show credentials on their mobile app anywhere with an internet connection.


Training Record Management System

Let software manage your training while you focus on producing