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Equipment Management Software

Equipment Management Software

Streamlining Your Equipment Information
Equipment Management Software
Equipment Management System

Equipment Management

Whether you oversee a bustling shop filled with welding equipment or an entire fleet of vehicles, organizing and managing all the information related to your equipment can prove to be quite a task. Some companies resort to manual methods, relying on paper-based systems that incur substantial administrative costs and pose risks of documents getting destroyed, lost, or misplaced. However, with the right equipment management software, you can overcome these challenges and usher in a new era of efficiency.

This is why many companies are adopting BIS equipment management software. By centralizing everything, this feature simplifies the management process, allowing both supervisors and operators to access essential information with ease. With minimal setup required, it paves the way for a brighter and more hopeful future.

Integrated QR Codes

Access Equipment/Asset Information with Your Phone

Ensuring consistent and fair competency assessments while maintaining easily accessible records for future reference. Utilizing software simplifies the entire process. With a mobile app or software, you can conduct comprehensive competency assessments and store all the results securely in the cloud. This allows administrators to quickly access the reports whenever needed.

Equipment Management Software by BIS Safety Software
Management Software

Link Company Assets

Simplify your resource management system

Picture this: a fire extinguisher, GPS device, toolbox, and an AED, all conveniently assigned to a company vehicle. Now, imagine assigning that vehicle to a dedicated company supervisor who will oversee and care for them all. All this simplifies data management and grants those responsible for the assets an overhead view of everything they oversee.

Discover a smoother way to manage your assets and embrace a future full of promise.

Advanced Features


With our equipment management software, you can easily create profiles for each of your equipment or machinery. These profiles contain important details such as serial numbers, manufacturers, models, and mileage. It's a comprehensive system that helps you keep track of all your valuable assets.


Our software allows you to set up customized hierarchies for your equipment. You can categorize them based on their types and statuses, making it incredibly convenient for organizing and managing your inventory. Need to find operational cranes quickly? Just select the relevant type and status, and the results will be filtered accordingly.


Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for manuals, daily logs, parts lists, insurance documentation, or lockout/tagout procedures for each piece of equipment. Our software provides a secure storage system where you can easily store and view all these important documents. Everything you need is right at your fingertips.


We offer customizable status filters that enable you to identify the current status of each piece of equipment effortlessly. By using these filters, you can easily view and manage the equipment list for your entire company. Whether you want to see which equipment is locked out or in for service, it's just a quick glance away.

Tracking Made Easy

Streamlining Equipment Tracking

equipment management software BIS Safety

Keeping tabs on your equipment can be a challenge. Questions like, “What’s its current condition?” or “How did the last inspection go?” often require significant time and effort to answer. But what if you could access these answers instantly, wherever you are, using any mobile device?

With our cutting-edge software for managing equipment, you can do so much more than just monitor its location and status.

Effortless Personnel

Equipment Management Software

Assign qualified personnel to each piece of equipment. Choose individuals or a select group to complete necessary forms related to their assigned equipment. Our automated system will remind them at specific times and intervals to fill out pre-shift inspection forms and other daily or weekly requirements.

Efficiency in Mileage

Cargo Securement

Keep track of the distance travelled by each piece of equipment by entering and reviewing its mileage in miles or kilometres. Set up schedules for inspections and safety-related maintenance forms, so that when certain mileage milestones are reached, qualified personnel receive notifications to complete the required forms.

Seamless Hours of Operation Tracking

Aerial Work Platform

Record and monitor the number of hours each piece of equipment has been in use. Then, establish completion requirements for inspections and maintenance safety forms based on predefined milestones of operating hours. This ensures that your machinery adheres to the inspection and maintenance standards set by the manufacturer.

Insights through Advanced Analytics

LMS solutions by BIS safety software
Leverage the data from your tracked information to simplify job planning. Identify which equipment is causing issues, determine the most frequently used machinery, and pinpoint the locations where specific pieces of equipment are in high demand. Monitor the progress of any identified aesthetic, mechanical, or safety concerns through a shared document.

With our intuitive equipment management software, you can streamline your tracking processes and embrace a future filled with promise and efficiency. Say goodbye to the complexities of equipment management and step into a world of seamless operations.

Integrating Forms

This fantastic feature seamlessly integrates with an online form builder, enabling you to create digital forms for equipment maintenance and safety. You can assign these forms directly to specific equipment and determine whether they need to be completed daily, weekly, or monthly. The best part? Your assigned personnel can conveniently fill out these forms on the spot, eliminating the risk of papers getting lost in the filing process.

Efficient Form Management

With our system, you can create unlimited pre-shift inspection forms, audits, hours of service logs, maintenance reports, and repair forms. Your personnel can easily complete these forms in the field using their smartphones or tablets, streamlining the entire process.

Engaging Multimedia Input

We empower your personnel to enhance their submitted forms by importing videos and images. You can also communicate form completion expectations and requirements through informative videos, fostering effective communication within your team.

Timely Notifications

Stay in the loop with our automated notifications. Whenever your personnel identify defects, maintenance concerns, or potential safety issues, you'll receive immediate alerts. Additionally, you can set up notifications to remind management if these concerns remain unaddressed for a specified period.

Flexible Frequency Settings

Tailor the completion schedule of assigned forms for each piece of equipment according to your unique needs. We even provide automated email reminders to designated personnel, ensuring that procedures are followed, and inspections are never forgotten.

Streamlined Maintenance Tickets

Our system enables you to designate specific fields in your equipment's forms to trigger maintenance tickets. This way, qualified personnel can track and manage the maintenance status in real-time, keeping everything running smoothly.

Insightful Form Reporting

Gain instant access to comprehensive reports for completed forms, allowing you to monitor and manage your equipment with ease. You can also access all outstanding forms, ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks.

Experience a seamless integration of forms, simplified management, and efficient communication to make your equipment maintenance a breeze.

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Optimize Your Equipment Management with Ease!

Experience the power of our intuitive software that simplifies and streamlines your equipment management. Say goodbye to chaos and inefficiency as you embrace a system that brings organization and efficiency to your processes.