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Competency Assessment Software

Competency Assessment Software

Make sure your employees are competent not just trained

Competency Assessments

Competency assessments help your company:

  • Reduce overall risk
  • Improve efficiency
  • Confirm the right person for the job
  • Enhance the quality of the end product
By implementing competency validations and a performance tracking system, ensure your employees possess the real-world skills needed to prevent high-risk situations. Higher competency levels lead to safer workplaces, less property damage, and fewer legal issues.

These evaluations are also crucial for addressing weaknesses and highlighting strengths, enabling tailored training for individual needs.

Plus, skilled employees perform better, make fewer mistakes, and increase the quality of the end product.

Assessing worker competency also boosts employee engagement, resulting in 70% fewer workplace incidents.

Ensuring safety:

  • Safety harnesses for working at heights
  • Respiratory protection
  • Fire extinguishers handling
  • Handling hazardous materials
  • First aid equipment usage
  • Eye protection awareness
  • And more!

Assessing equipment proficiency:

Assess your employees’ skills before operating company equipment, including:
  • Forklift operation
  • Driver competency evaluation
  • Scissor lifts and aerial lifts handling
  • Excavator operation
  • Platform truck operation
  • Compactor usage
  • And more!

Assess Employee Competency Now

Prevent accidents and downtime by assessing staff competency. Training is just the beginning of a strong safety culture; competency assessments allow you and your team to rest assured you have what it takes.

Ready to Begin?

To get started, follow these three simple steps.
For many organizations, ensuring worker safety skills are adequately taught is crucial. In high-stakes situations, assessing workers' competency becomes even more important. Our Competency Assessment system, powered by Digital Forms software, allows your business to evaluate these skills effectively. To maximize its benefits, pair this system with our Learning Management System and Training Record Management modules, providing your employees with essential information and training.

Step 1 - Get in Touch with Us

If you want to use the Competency Assessment software, contact our team! They will initiate the process.

Step 2 - Customized Your Portal

We can create a unique portal tailored to your needs. It will encompass forms, automated workflows, reporting, and other features.

Step 3 - Expert Assistance During Onboarding

Our team of dedicated specialists will guide you through the onboarding process, ensuring that your business comprehends the BIStrainer system and knows how to make the most of it.

Ready to Streamline Competency Assessments?