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EHS Software for the Energy Industry

EHS Software for the Energy Industry

Empowering Safety Software that Unifies EHS Systems

EHS Software for the Transportation Industry

Software for the Energy Industry

The energy sector demands awareness and discipline. Energy professionals encounter high pressures, cramped spaces, and harsh environments. While software may not address the chilling arctic gusts hitting your oil rig, it can assist in monitoring equipment requirements and delivering comprehensive training and awareness.

Our EHS Management Software has continuously evolved through collaboration with partners and industry experts, ensuring optimal service for your business. Through features such as incident management, asset tracking, industry-specific training, and more, we strive to alleviate the administrative burdens that impede efficiency in every sector.

Energy Companies Already Using BIStrainer to Unify Their Safety

Software Solutions for the Energy Industry

Competency Assessments

Ensuring consistent and fair competency assessments while maintaining easily accessible records for future reference. Utilizing software simplifies the entire process. With a mobile app or software, you can conduct comprehensive competency assessments and store all the results securely in the cloud. This allows administrators to quickly access the reports whenever needed.

Competency assessments are another asset for an industry where practice is essential. Crews use these assessments to fill gaps in training and maintain the essential coordination the energy sector requires.

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EHS Software for the Energy Industry
EHS Software for the Energy Industry

Incident Management

Incident management doesn’t have to be difficult. Nowadays all the filing, organization, and trend data can be taken care of with software. BIStrainer for instance can centralize all your incident data, allowing access to those who need it. This software can also simplify the reporting procedure by automatically notifying supervisors and managers.

Tracking incidents could be the difference between a repair and a crisis, a main reason why so many of our energy clients utilize incident management software. Unifying all your incident data helps with response times, awareness, and access. Not to mention it automatically creates audit trails that can be reviewed in case of an incident or investigation.

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Training Credential Tracking

Ensuring your workforce’s credentials and training certifications are up to date and on file can be challenging with paper certificates. BIStrainer’s training management software offers a centralized cloud-based application to consolidate all training records. Through this app, employees receive direct notifications regarding expiry dates and recommended courses. Additionally, the software facilitates exporting well-organized data in universal formats.

Just like competency assessments, unifying all your staff’s credentials in one system is quicker, cheaper, and easier in the long run. Training Management Software tracks expiry dates and can expose training gaps with reporting. It’s a more transparent way to stay compliant when dealing with the volatile forces in the energy sector.

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Spill Response Training
EHS Software for the Energy Industry

Digital Folders:
Simplifying Document Distribution

Digital folders help you to send orientation documents to your team at the click of a button. By using BIStrainer’s digital folders, you can consolidate all HR documents into a single folder stored in the cloud. These folders can then be automatically assigned to every new employee or contractor. Need to distribute an updated version of your incident response form to the entire company? No worries – simply make the update in the incident management folder, and it will be readily available to everyone with access.



Mobile Functionality

With SafeTapp 2.0​

Integrate Safetapp 2.0, the user-friendly safety app, into your health and safety management system effortlessly. This comprehensive app offers a wide range of features, all accessible on your mobile device:

Experience the convenience of Safetapp by downloading it on your smartphone or tablet. Easily store and access your training certificates anytime, anywhere. Streamline your safety processes with this powerful mobile app.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“We are extremely pleased with our relationship with BIS Training. Whenever we require support it is provided with virtually no lag time, which makes for happy clients and smooth uninterrupted service. The document management system is a welcome addition to this excellent offering of training management services.”
Marcus Burn
NCSO Safety Consultant, COR Solutions
“Bistrainer has been so great to deal with! In 2.5 years we have been working with them our utilization has grown way beyond simple record keeping and now includes a rewards program and performance management. They are always willing to help you build a custom solution to make your life easier!”
John Kerr
Operations Specialist, Caron Transportation Systems
“Partnering up with BIS to deliver online training to our clients was one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. Their client service and support is unsurpassed, and they never stop innovating and improving their system. Working with BIS is a great experience and an invaluable asset for our company and clients.”
Kit Goldman President and Founder
Workplace Training Network Inc.

EHS Software for the Energy Industry

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