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Health and Safety Software

Health & Safety Software

Enhance safety with EHS training & data management

health and safety software
LMS Learning Management Software by BIS UK

Health & Safety Software

Many safety-conscious companies face challenges in managing program paperwork and administration. That’s where the BIStrainer EHS software comes in. It is purpose-built to alleviate the administrative burden, allowing your team to prioritize personal safety training, workplace planning, and meaningful work.

Tailored for safety-minded organizations, the BIStrainer EHS software is suitable for any industry looking to simplify and enhance its safety.

Learning Management System

Comprehensive EHS software package includes a powerful learning management system (LMS) that offers various features and benefits:

Assign required training to your employees easily

Access training online from anywhere with an internet connection

Benefit from a reliable exam engine and compatibility with SCORM 1.2 and 2004

Enjoy an integrated eCommerce store and course permission functionality

Designed specifically for companies with extensive safety training needs

Make the most of our EHS software’s robust LMS by creating, hosting, and delivering your own online courses, tests, and surveys securely through our dedicated course player and exam engine. For more information about the LMS, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Contact our team today.

online training record management software
Training Record Management on mobile

Training Record Management

Streamline training record management with our EHS software. Store all classroom and online training records securely in a centralized location, eliminating the possibility of scattered documentation.

Our robust Training Record Management System allows you to effortlessly upload employee training records, complete with certificates, from any training provider. Stay proactive with automatic expiry alerts sent to employees, supervisors, and managers, ensuring that training remains current.

Features include:

Certificate Management

Expiry Alerts

Auto Archiving

Training Hours Reports

Mass Record Upload/Update Tools

Equipment Management System

Equipment management can pose challenges, especially when it comes to tracking its condition and inspection outcomes. However, our enterprise EHS software system provides solutions. With our innovative Equipment Management software, you can easily track not only the location and status but also important details such as mileage, hours, qualified personnel, maintenance records, advanced analytics, and more. Accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any connected mobile device, while our software streamlines the process and saves valuable time.

Qualified Personnel


Advanced Analytics



And More

Equipment Management Software
incident report and reporting on tablets

Digital Forms

Traditional paper-based environmental health and safety forms can be cumbersome and costly to manage. However, there is a solution that simplifies the process and eliminates unnecessary administration expenses.

Our EHS software offers customizable Digital Safety Forms, powered by an intuitive form builder. With drag-and-drop functionality, companies can effortlessly create and distribute thousands of forms online. These digital forms are highly versatile, supporting checkboxes, dropdown lists, Likert scales, date and time stamps, open text fields, and even electronic signatures. Additionally, enriching the forms with images and videos is possible, providing comprehensive information to form respondents.

The responsive and secure webpage allows users to conveniently fill out safety forms using any smartphone or tablet. As they complete the forms, they can effortlessly upload images, notes, and videos directly from their mobile devices. All data is instantly tracked and accessible online, and the forms can be printed as PDF files. Furthermore, data export to Excel enables analysis and trend identification. Simplify your data entry process with our digital safety forms, reducing costs and enhancing efficiency.

Online Classroom Calendar

Effortlessly manage classroom training with our user-friendly online tool. Take charge of your in-person training sessions by seamlessly organizing them online. Our robust calendar tool can handle numerous instructors, classrooms, and courses across multiple locations.


Intuitive management avoids double booking classrooms, instructors, or trainees.

Minimize administrative tasks with self-registration and automated notifications.

Schedule training events instantly by dragging and dropping courses onto the visual calendar.

EHS Software for Construction

Let EHS software handle your compliance so you and your team can keep building.

Reporting on mobile incident

EHS Reporting & Notification System

With the BIStrainer EHS software, you can efficiently manage and report data. It compiles vital information into comprehensive reports, aiding your team in creating a safer workplace.

The software offers online report dashboards and automated notifications for various topics, including:

Training gap analysis and upcoming expiration notifications

Employee course completion records

Detailed reports for office and worksite locations

Risk analysis based on digital hazard assessments and site audits

And more

Furthermore, you can download all data in spreadsheet and Excel formats, ensuring access even when the EHS software is offline.

Additional EHS Software Features & Functionality

Folder Technology

Our built-in folder management technology simplifies the hosting of company policies and procedures. It allows for easy access, digital sign off with affirmation statements, and digital signature fields.

Course Codes

Administrators can effortlessly generate, track, and distribute codes for a specified number of users. These codes grant access to courses, whether users have an online account or not.

Automated Email Notifications

Our software includes built-in email notifications to keep users informed. They receive notifications when courses are added to their account, when their password is reset, and when any of their courses are about to expire.

Training Matrix

With our fully integrated training matrix, you can effectively map out and manage your employees' training requirements. You can organize training by company role, location, and individual level. The matrix identifies training gaps, directs employees to company-approved classroom training from third-party providers, and automatically assigns online courses as needed.

Course Library

Our EHS software provides access to a centralized network of training providers. You can instantly access thousands of online courses and training topics from leading safety training organizations. Our extensive library offers more approved and endorsed programs than any other platform. From ABCGA-approved Ground Disturbance 201 to government-approved First Aid and Defensive Driving with 3-demerit reduction, the options are vast.

Driver Management

Our web-based tracking system simplifies driver management. It allows you to upload and store commercial driver information, including license details, abstracts, traffic violations, DOT certification, HazMat Endorsement, and medical certificates.

Role Management

Assign unique levels of security clearance to each user role to differentiate their access to company settings, system features, and other accounts.

Coaching, Mentoring, and Competency

Our software supports your firm's safety coaching and mentoring processes. You can manage a comprehensive range of training programs, including online programs, classroom programs, coaching/mentoring, competency validation, and experience tracking.

Virtual Proctoring

Ensure the integrity of online course completions with our virtual proctor feature. Learners provide permission for their device's webcam to capture their government-issued identification and record their training progress.

Exam Engine

Customize exams for each user with our built-in evaluation tool. Create question pools, randomize the order of questions and answers, and more.

Custom Branding

We seamlessly align your portal with your company's website through advanced CSS branding. Match your colors, logo, font type, size, and even navigation menu for a cohesive user experience.

Reward Tracking

Our software provides an online tool to manage and track internal company reward systems. Easily add and update reward points for all employees.

Online orientation software

Build Your Own Custom Online Orientation System

With the BIStrainer orientation and course-building engine, you have the ability to create a customized playlist consisting of:

Features include:

HTML5 Activities




And more!

Additional Features - Overview


We prioritize the security of your information by leveraging Amazon Web Service's cloud technology. Our system ensures data protection through HTTPS encryption, dedicated firewalls, and comprehensive virus protection measures.

Single Sign-On

Simplifying the user experience, our system supports Single Sign-On (SSO). By leveraging the authentication process of your internal business systems, employees can log in once to access any internal company system and seamlessly navigate to our software without requiring additional login credentials.

Multilingual Support

BIStrainer is designed for efficient conversion into multiple languages. Upon translation and testing, we can incorporate any language into the system. Currently, our software is available in English, Spanish, French, and German.

Health and safety app on a phone


Our utilization of cloud storage empowers us to promptly meet increasing system demands. We can seamlessly scale up to accommodate thousands of new users whenever the need arises.


Our integrated Application Programming Interface (API) facilitates seamless integration with your internal business systems, such as payroll systems or company intranets. This allows for synchronization, modification, and exportation of employees' training data, as well as the ability to add or remove users.

Canadian Hosting

To address Canadian privacy requirements and avoid any potential privacy issues related to the US Patriot Act, our entire software and data are securely stored on servers located within Canadian territory.

Community-Designed EHS Software

Our software was developed using input from a whole community of EHS professionals. Book a demo today to see it for yourself!