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Kick-Off National Safety Month with Week One – Safety Engagement!

June’s rolled around again, and you know what that means—National Safety Month! This is a great time for companies to really normalise safety at work. Let’s dive into the first week, which is all about safety engagement.

Today we’ll share some simple activities teams from all around have created in a bid to increase safety engagement. And engagement can mean lots of things. For instance, simply allowing your team to converse in a setting themed in safety can do wonders for group awareness. Engagement can be as easy as allowing people to share stories they’ve had, whether they be close calls or even problems with safety equipment itself.

NSM Safety Engagement Week Ideas

Host a Safety Breakfast Kickoff

What’s better than starting the day with a good breakfast? Kick off the month with a team breakfast where you can chat about the importance of safety. Have some info posters around, give a short talk, and maybe throw in a fun quiz about workplace safety. It’s a relaxed way to get everyone thinking about safety while enjoying some pancakes or bagels!

Safety Scavenger Hunt

Organize a scavenger hunt around your workplace where employees have to find items or spots related to safety, like first aid kits, fire extinguishers, or emergency exits. It’s a cool way to familiarize everyone with safety equipment and emergency procedures without the snooze factor.

‘Caught Being Safe’ Cards

Encourage your team to catch their coworkers “being safe.” Provide cards that employees can hand out to each other when they spot someone following safety protocols or doing something proactive for workplace safety. It’s a fun way to make everyone feel good about doing the right thing. You could also enhance this through an employee reward system. The rewards simply add a bit more incentive and can engage some of the most difficult hold outs.

Safety Story Time

Set aside some time for team members to share personal stories about times when being aware of safety made a difference, or even when overlooking it led to a mishap. These real-life tales can be eye-opening and make the concept of safety more relatable.

DIY Safety Poster Session

Bring out the markers and let the creativity flow! Have a session where teams create their own safety posters. It could be about anything from reminding to lift correctly to keeping the workspace tidy. Display these masterpieces around your workplace to keep the safety vibes alive.

Daily Safety Tips Emails

Each day of the week, send out a quick email with a simple safety tip. Keep it light and easy to read. Maybe add a fun fact or a joke to keep things interesting. It’s a small daily reminder that helps keep safety on everyone’s mind without feeling like a lecture.

Wrap-Up with a Safety Feedback Session

At the end of the week, have a casual meeting over coffee to discuss what everyone learned about safety and any new ideas they might have. It’s also a great way to gather feedback on the activities you did and how the week went overall.

There you go! Engaging your team in safety doesn’t have to be dull or complicated. With these activities, you can spark enthusiasm about safety and show that it’s not just about following rules—it’s about looking out for each other. Let’s make safety a priority and have some fun while we’re at it! Happy National Safety Month!


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